Focus on: Parking Lessons

Does the sight of a small parking space fill you with dread? Do you cringe at the thought of parking in front of your own house or while out and about in town?

Don’t worry, just breathe deeply and take control by calling 07989 766 837 to book our special Parking Lessons.

We’ve developed a short course to teach you our techniques designed to make your parking - and life - easier. We’ll teach you how to conquer your fear and master parallel parking. No tricks. No gimmicks. Just patient, friendly and easily understandable lessons.

We specialise in providing a reassuring and empowering driving experience to even very nervous pupils through carefully structured lessons supported by a uniquely friendly and professional attitude.

  • Bay Parking - Ideal practice for shopping!
    We'll teach you how to choose your parking space, what dangers to be aware of, and how to properly manouvere into the space. Best of all, you'll get to practice in a safe and non-judgemental environment until your confidence improves!

  • Parallel Parking - Perfect for on-street parking
    Learn how to park outside your house, workplace or favourite shop safely. We'll teach to you easy
  • to understand methods that make parallel parking easy, and you'll learn how to deal with other road users while parking too.
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